Benefits of Automated Packaging

February 16, 2022

The benefits of automating your e-commerce business’s packaging system are numerous. Not only does automating packaging help to save time and energy for your staff, but it improves the buying experience for your customers and can improve business reputation. Below are listed some of the benefits of automated packaging systems, explored in greater detail.

Reducing Damage In Transit

Efficient packaging automation also benefits customers by reducing damage in transit. Packages that are packed by hand require additional materials like bubble wrap, which adds weight and bulk to an order, potentially increasing shipping expenses (and sometimes causing undeliverable package notifications)

Automated parcel packers use materials more efficiently and reduce the amount of void fill (empty space) in a package. Automated packagers do not need to leave additional space for moving parts that can break and cause damage and, due to the consistent pressure applied by automated packaging equipment, packages sent through an automated system are less likely to incur damages during transit caused by movement and jostling.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Automated packaging can increase customer satisfaction in several ways. Faster turnaround time results in more orders processed in a given window of time, especially beneficial when having to meet tight deadlines (e.g., Christmas holiday orders). This increased productivity also reduces the chance of human error in packing orders, giving customers greater confidence that their orders will arrive as intended.

The precision employed by automated packing systems reduces the likelihood of a package being misdelivered or delivered to the wrong address. Automated packagers use barcodes and tracking numbers that provide greater accuracy in processing packages. In addition, the small size and consistency of automated packaging allows for more efficient delivery routes, which means fewer packages are misdelivered.

Benefits Employees

Additional benefits include safety for workers and relief from tedious tasks. Automated packagers perform repetitive motions that can be strenuous over time, leading to ergonomic issues like joint pain, back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome or other injuries. Some workers also suffer from musculoskeletal disorders caused by the lifting, pushing and pulling required to manually pack parcels.

Automated packaging systems are also safer because they eliminate the risk of having multiple workers in one small space with moving equipment.

Faster Processing Times

The increased number of orders that can be processed in a single day means employees spend less time working on a repetitive task and more time working on other parts of their job. For example, they can spend the saved time troubleshooting orders with customers or taking care of maintenance issues.

Precision in Production

The precision produced by automation also increases efficiency while reducing waste and making fewer mistakes (and therefore fostering greater customer satisfaction). This also allows for companies to process more orders in a given time frame.

Automated parcel packers are the most technologically advanced, affordable option for businesses that require efficient and accurate packaging of products sold online. Businesses that sell products through an e-commerce marketplace like Amazon or eBay, with many small items to ship, will benefit greatly from automated parcel packers.

Businesses that want to improve productivity and customer satisfaction should invest in automated packing machines now. The time to implement technology is now, as there has never been a better or more important time for business owners to invest in automated packing equipment. If you are looking to invest in automated packaging solutions for your business, contact GWC today!