Benefits Of Automated Packaging

June 30, 2020

GWC Packaging provides a range of automatic packaging machine options, including taping machines, stretch film equipment and other automated systems, that can offer manufacturers and distribution channels significant benefits. If your secondary packaging processes are primarily or completely manual, here are some ways that equipment might improve your operations. 

Automated Packaging Benefits 

  • Faster Throughput. Manual case sealing and stretch wrapping take substantial amounts of time. While every application is different, automation could double output or produce even bigger gains. Plus, automation is a far more cost-effective means to ramp up production than hiring, training and retaining operators. 
  • Packaging Uniformity and Quality Control. A major drawback of manual packaging is that each operator controls the application and amount of material used per bundle. This can create various problems, from waste to poorly secured boxes or pallets, which in turn may cause product damage, returns and/or unhappy customers.
    Automatic packaging equipment, however, applies a consistent amount of material to each box or pallet, ensuring a secure shipment that meets your target cost every time. These improvements in quality control not only help retain customers, they could also secure new clients.
  • Ergonomics. Manual stretch wrapping and case sealing are repetitive tasks that involve strenuous wrist motion, bending and other movements that increase the risk of injury. Packaging automation can alleviate or eliminate these issues, which could improve attendance and job satisfaction, and enable you to deploy workers to more important assignments.
  • Better Control of Labor Expenses. If your business is rapidly expanding or experiences seasonal changes in production, automatic packaging machine solutions could mean the difference between profitability and incurring losses. Scrambling to hire operators when business picks up is expensive and difficult — not to mention that when business takes a seasonal dip, you would be forced to consider layoffs. Choosing high-quality case wrappers, stretch wrappers, labelers and other equipment capable of handling the highs and lows of your production could allow you to stabilize labor deployment and costs over an entire year.
  • Packaging Material Cost Reduction. Stretch film usage drops dramatically when converting from manual wrapping to automatic equipment. Today’s stretch wrappers have sophisticated (but affordable) pre-stretch systems that produce well over 100% stretch, compared to perhaps 25-30% stretch accomplished with a hand wrapper. What’s more, not only could a machine reduce stretch film consumption by half (or more), your pallets will be more tightly wrapped and secure. For case sealing applications, box sealing tape usage could decrease in similar fashion, though not always as dramatically as with stretch film. However, for mid- and high-volume case sealing operations, even a fractional drop in material waste might produce significant annual cost savings that more than offset the initial investment in the machinery.

Let Us Help You Automate 

Packaging automation, equipment and supplies from GWC Packaging could produce important benefits for your operations, financial performance, customer retention and new business acquisition. If you would like to discuss the possibilities for automation in your organization, contact us today.