Using Stretch Film for E-Commerce Packaging: Everything to Know

September 8, 2021

The e-commerce packaging you choose can play a role in your online business’s success. Find out everything you need to know about stretch film packaging so you can decide whether it fits your company’s needs.

Stretch Film Packaging Helps Prevent Damage

Items that get damaged during shipping can cost your e-commerce business a lot of money. You can add some protection by insuring mail. Unfortunately, insurance adds to your shipping costs and doesn’t always ensure you will get compensated. Additionally, damaged items will hurt your reputation among buyers. Your shipping company cannot do anything to restore your brand’s reputation.

Stretch film packaging holds everything in place to reduce the risk of damage during shipping. This way, you can ship several items in the same container. Even when the package gets shaken, the items will not collide with each other because the packaging holds them in place.

Lightweight Materials Make E-Commerce Packaging More Affordable

Depending on the shipping option you choose, you may need to pay a higher price when delivering heavy items. Reducing the weight of your e-commerce packaging materials will lower the amount that you spend.

The amount per package probably will not seem like much money. When you ship multiple packages per day, though, the savings add up to make your e-commerce store more competitive and profitable.

Few materials weigh as little as stretch film. Choose it to improve your shipment’s security while keeping costs low.

Reduce Environmental Impact With Stretch Film

Unlike bubble wrap and similar protective shipping products, stretch film is easy to recycle. That makes it an eco-friendly option that will appeal to more of your customers.

Even when customers fail to recycle the packaging, the wrap doesn’t add much to their garbage. Since the film stretches so much, it takes up very little space.

You Can Hand-Wrap or Machine-Wrap Items

If you operate a small e-commerce store, you can use hand-wrap film. Hard-wrapping takes a little more time and effort than using a machine, but you get the same level of protection while saving money.

Larger e-commerce stores that send dozens, hundreds, or thousands of packages per day will want to consider machine-wrap stretch film. Spending a little more money on equipment will help you prepare shipments quickly. In return, you get to send more packages per day without hiring more people.

Get the Right E-Commerce Packaging for Your Online Business

Stretch film is a helpful tool for e-commerce sites to use for packaging. Learn more about stretch film packaging and other e-commerce packaging options by contacting the experts at GWC Packaging.