The best packaging technology for mattress suppliers

January 15, 2022

For mattress manufacturers, mattress shipping is a major part of the business. A mattress is heavy and awkward to ship. Nowadays mattress suppliers face stiff competition from online mattress retailers and so they always need to find ways to reduce costs and improve their bottom line.

One cost-effective solution for mattress shipping that keeps your mattress in great condition throughout its journey are plastic mattress shipping covers.

Plastic Mattress Shipping Covers

The best mattress plastic cover on the market is made from strong, multilayer film that protects your mattress on its journey to customers. It’s designed to be tough and extremely tear-resistant and it won’t rip like some inferior mattress covers for shipping . It has a tight seal which prevents moisture and dirt from penetrating.

It’s also UV-resistant and won’t become brittle, ensuring your mattress isn’t damaged in the sun.  

Plastic mattress covers for shipping are extremely lightweight and degrade quickly after disposal – which means you can keep the reputation of your mattress factory clean and green. Many mattress plastic cover suppliers offer mattress recycling services to give customers a responsible way of disposing of mattress covers after they have delivered their mattress. This is a great way to help mattress manufacturers reduce costs, while protecting the environment too.

Another important feature of mattress plastic cover solutions for suppliers is that they are totally breathable. They provide an oxygen supply inside the mattress plastic cover which prevents moisture from accumulating on your mattress . Moisture can rot the mattress and lead to mattress mildew.

Most mattress plastic cover suppliers will recommend using mattress covers if you’re shipping your mattress by truck, especially over long distances. Using mattress plastic covers may add around 5% more to transportation costs but they can prevent expensive damage and total mattress replacements.  

Wrap-Around Mattress Shipping Bags

Wrap-Around Mattress Shipping Bags are mattress plastic covers which are designed to be used with mattress boxes. They slip over the mattress before it is placed in its box, so you can carry out mattress inspections without removing them.  Wraparound mattress plastic cover bags are perfect for mattress warehouses that need to keep track of many mattresses throughout their inventory.

A clear mattress shipping bag is another mattress plastic cover that mattress suppliers can use throughout their mattress manufacturing business. It allows for mattress inspections without removing the mattress plastic cover. Also, it is a great way to build brand awareness among your mattress customers.

Shipping Protection Suppliers

One mattress plastic cover supplier is GWC Packaging, who have been providing mattress distributors with mattress shipping solutions for over 30 years. They are reliable, professional packaging suppliers that can help your with custom-fit solutions for your business. Contact GWC today!