Shrink Wrap

Stretch film

Knowing your products are kept safe the moment they leave your facilities until they’re in customers’ hands is crucial. This is why so many packagers and manufacturers turn to shrink wrap. This material offers security while being economical and efficient. GWC Packaging is a leading supplier of shrink wrap machines and materials, making us your one-stop shop for everything.

What Is Shrink Wrap? 

The term describes a series of thin plastic wraps that are used to package everything from food to electronics. It is different from stretch wrap, which uses its ability to cling to itself to hold items in place. Once the shrink material is wrapped around the items, packagers apply heat to shrink the plastic so that it forms a tight seal.

There are three main varieties of shrink wrap, each bringing unique qualities that make it ideal for certain applications: 

  • PVC: Lightweight and relatively inexpensive, polyvinyl chloride is also durable and was once used frequently for a host of jobs. However, despite its multitude of uses, the harmful emissions generated by PVC have turned many away from it.
  • POF: Polyolefin is versatile and offers better durability than other types. The strength of this material also means longer rolls can be manufactured, resulting in greater efficiency for packaging operations.
  • PE: Polyethylene performs exceptionally well with heavier and larger items. This material also can be printed, which gives manufacturers more choices when it comes to branding. However, it does not contract as much as other options, limiting its utility. 

When choosing the option that’s right for you, it’s important to consider the weight and size of the objects you want to wrap, as well as the health and environmental ramifications of your choice. For example, PVC has been banned in many countries due to the dangerous chemicals it emits during decomposition.

Why Choose GWC Packaging?

With our extensive in-house experience, we are your best source to connect you with the wraps and related equipment you need. We’ll take a close look at your operations and find the perfect fit to help satisfy your customers. To learn more about everything we have to offer, get in touch today.