Mattress Packaging

Protect Your Products and Reduce Packaging Costs

Packaging for mattresses must protect against moisture, dust and other contaminants, and be strong enough to prevent damage during shipment. Because of the size, weight and shape of a mattress, achieving these results requires well-made materials as well as strong cost management. With years of experience in mattress packaging, GWC Packaging will help you find the right products at the right price to improve your costs and keep customers satisfied. 

Large items wrapped in stretch film

Mattress Packaging Products and Services  

We supply the full range of materials for the mattress industry, including:

  • Standard plastic wrap for mattresses — thick gauges for shipping and storage, thin gauges for dust protection
  • Custom plastic for wrapping mattresses (sometimes referred to as mattress shrink wrap)
  • Polyethylene mattress wrap — including standard-size mattress bags
  • Bed-in-a-box packaging
  • Standard and custom labels for mattress boxes and mattress bags
  • Manual and automated box sealing tape and dispensers 

In addition to this wide selection of high-quality packaging materials, we offer inventory management services to help prevent costly stock-outs and give you one less item to monitor in your operation. 

Inventory management is just one important benefit of working with us for your mattress packaging requirements. Other reasons mattress companies choose us include: 

  • A responsive sales team that works hard to help your business succeed
  • Customer service representatives that respond quickly, thoroughly, accurately and professionally
  • Products of the highest quality, manufactured by established industry leaders
  • Ability to track products to the specific production lot, to identify problems accurately and prevent recurrence 

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With our extensive product line and broad range of services, GWC Packaging can be your one-stop shop for all your packaging requirements. Learn more about our equipment and material lines here