Stretch Film

Machine and Hand Pallet Stretch Wrap

About Stretch Film Packaging

Every business that ships products needs an adequate supply of packing stretch wrap, the primary means for containing loads of goods as they travel from the manufacturer to the customer. Whether done by hand or machine, wrapping stretch film around palleted items not only binds the items together to protect and maintain the integrity of the products, but it also secures them to the pallet, preventing loss and damage.

Pallet stretch wrap, a highly technical product made of polyethylene-based materials, has evolved during the three decades of development. As opposed to pallet shrink wrap, this dynamic product is designed to be stretched. The performance and value of packing stretch wrap depends on its proper manipulation, stretching and application. Optimal pre-stretch, post-stretch, wrap pattern and overlap are required to achieve the desired result. GWC Packaging offers a full line of stretch film equipment for low-, medium- and high-volume applications.

Types of Packaging Stretch Wrap Sold

Machine Film

Choose from a range of value-priced and high-performance films to lower gauge, engineered, and ultra-high-performance products in 20” and 30” widths.

Machine Film

Hand Stretch Wrap

Hand stretch wrap films are available in different price points and performance options. We also offer a line of films designed and packaged for common consumer applications.

Hand Film

Specialty Film

Colored machine and hand films are available for specialized applications. They come in a variety of colors, with 2” and 3” inner diameter cores, and in various lengths.

Specialty Film

Why Choose GWC Packaging?

Take advantage of our expertise and first-class service as we help you navigate the complex world of stretch film.

  • GWC Packaging has the knowledge and resources to help our customers choose the right film to meet their unique and challenging applications.
  • We are a master stretch film distributor, meaning that we are not a broker, but rather that we deal directly with the manufacturers and can offer better pricing.
  • GWC Packaging purchases larger quantities than other stretch wrap distributors, resulting in better costs for us, which we pass on as lower prices for our customers.

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