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Automatic Box Taping Reduces Labor Costs and Increases Efficiency

This automatic box taping machine helps you decrease the amount of time and labor required to erect and seal your cases, while producing a faster, more efficient process and a superior product. GWC Packaging sells several types of tape equipment, not just taping machines. Used together, carton erectors and sealers significantly reduce manufacturing and employee costs.

Carton / Case Erectors

Automatic case erector machines improve the speed at which cartons are assembled, increasing production speed while lowering labor costs. Typically, a case erector can put together a box in one-third of the time it takes for a person to do the same thing, allowing business to eliminate some paid employees. Even factoring in the capital cost outlay to purchase the machine, the cost savings are significant.

Various models feature different operating speeds and loading methods, but all models make virtually perfect rectangular and/or square boxes every time.

Carton / Case Sealers

An automatic box taping machine can speed up the packaging line. Cost-effective carton sealers also save on material usage by consistently applying the right amount of tape to each package. Unlike an employee, a carton or case sealer cannot apply extra tape to make up for misapplied tape, nor will it apply a longer piece of tape than needed. Case sealers can be used with any box, but work best with quality-constructed boxes, such as those built with a case erector.

Adjustable Carton Sealers

Ideal for applications in which a single carton size is used during the entire shift:

Adjustable Manual. Entry-level automation solution requires the operator to adjust height and width for carton size, feed and fold flaps into the sealer.

Adjustable Fully Automatic. This automatic manual adjustable solution does not require an operator, and an indexer for spacing boxes is optional.

Random Carton Sealers

Perfect for applications involving carton size changes during the sealing shift:

Random Manual. While height and width are randomly adjusted for each box size, the operator feels and folds carton flaps into the machine.

Random Fully Automatic. While height and width are randomly adjusted for each box size, the operator feels and folds carton flaps into the machine.


Operator-free indexers help you control package orientation and timing during the sealing process. Choose an ARX indexer for spacing cartons of uniform size and shape, or a CRX indexer to separate random cartons.

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