Inventory Management

Make Us Your Partner in Just-in-Time

Outsource Supplies Inventory Management

GWC Packaging offers just-in-time (JIT) delivery to support your business. We help our inventory management partner-customers manage their cash flow and warehouse space, while freeing their time for other, more critical tasks.

Receiving your packaging supplies as needed frees your warehouse space for increased production activity. Giving us control over your inventory decreases your overhead and inventory costs because you pay only for what you use; you can stop wasting money and space by purchasing extra materials and keeping them on hand just in case they are needed.

Inventory Management Services

Stocking Your Supplies

GWC Packaging can stock your merchandise in our warehouse until you need it. Simply let us know when you need your materials and we will ship them to you the next day.

Total Inventory Control

Under this comprehensive option, we go to your location, physically count your inventory, and help you figure out what supplies you need, and how often and when you need them. Then, we make sure you get your supplies on a regular schedule.

Why Choose GWC Packaging?

We acknowledge that controlling your inventory — to any extent — is a grave responsibility. Rest assured that as your reliable partner, we will meet or exceed your expectations. Get in touch to learn more about outsourcing your inventory management function to GWC Packaging.

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