Packaging Supplies and Equipment for Manufacturers

Packaging Solutions for Your Business

Regardless of what type of product you manufacture, it must be correctly packed and quickly shipped to its next point in the supply chain. Manufactured products may be sent to end users, others may be transported to 3PL companies for final shipment, and intermediate products and parts may go to other manufacturers or assemblers — but they all have something in common. All products and parts need the right kind of protective packaging to ensure they arrive at their destinations intact. That’s where a reliable packaging partner like GWC Packaging comes into the picture.

Build a Relationship With GWC Packaging

We help your business:

  • Control cash flow management and keep costs low
  • Negotiate long-term pricing to avoid supply cost spikes
  • Increase efficiency by automating the packing process
  • Obtain high-quality supplies to ensure that your products arrive safely in the hands of  distributors and end users
  • Manage your supplies inventory, freeing cash flow, space and time

With a great deal of experience working with industrial and consumer products manufacturers, and a depth of packaging knowledge that is unmatched in the industry, we understand the varied needs of companies like yours. When partnering with GWC Packaging, you can rely on our ability to provide the highest-quality stock and custom supplies, our help in selecting and purchasing the latest packaging equipment, and our expert assistance in solving all your packaging challenges.