Food Packaging Supplies

Serving the Unique Demands of the Food Industry

Food Packaging Solutions

Food manufacturers face several unique demands — including the need to keep products at a certain temperature and humidity level; strict product expiration dates; and required adherence to numerous, industry-specific regulations. Delivering products that are as fresh as possible means that time is of the essence — and that means you need a partner like GWC Packaging for food packaging equipment and supplies.  

Take a Fresh Look at GWC Packaging

We offer you all the bulk food packaging supplies you require for shipping your products, including packaging materials, automated equipment, machine servicing and more. Many of our food industry customers take advantage of our inventory management service. This service ensures that you have all the supplies you need, when you need them — so you can concentrate on running your business instead of stressing over the availability of packaging supplies.

Custom Solutions for Food Packaging Supplies

In addition to standard food packaging materials, GWC Packaging offers a wide range of custom products for food industry-specific applications.  

Corrugated containers for food packaging are items we regularly design and supply for food manufacturers, processors and distributors. All styles are available, including RSCs, FOLs and trays. Corrugated coatings are also available to provide water resistance and additional strength. We also supply Tri-Wall™ boxes and bins that are ideal for shipping bulk food products, fruit and processed foods of all kinds.

In addition to corrugated materials, popular customized solutions include labeling systems, edge protectors, and packaging equipment for case sealing and stretch wrapping. 

Let GWC Packaging reliably help your business protect your products and your reputation with our:

  • Customized team approach that provides you with the most timely, responsive, personalized service in the industry
  • Salespeople who sincerely care about the success of your business
  • Access to a wide network of vetted vendors that manufacture the highest-quality packaging supplies
  • Capability to track the production lots of all products we sell — so, if any issues arise, we can trace the items to the manufacturer’s product line to prevent recurrence
  • Capacity to manage your supplies inventory, freeing your cash flow, space and time

All the Food Packaging Supplies and Equipment You Need

GWC Packaging offers an extensive line of packaging supplies for food. If you are interested in consolidating purchases, we can be your one-stop-shop. Options include tapes and taping equipment, stretch film and wrapping equipment, and much more. Review our equipment and material lines here.