What is a Cubiscan System?

October 13, 2021

The cubiscan system revolutionized the cubing and dimensioning sector 30 years ago when it developed a system capable of giving readings that are more accurate than its counterparts. Since then, Cubiscan has led the way in improving shipping and space management operations.


Nowadays, E-commerce accounts for a considerable number of purchase transactions because of the simplicity of shopping online. For businesses, this means there is a greater need for reducing storage and shipping costs. A Cubiscan system helps firms to be more efficient while also increasing profits.


Here’s more about Cubiscan.


What Is a Cubiscan System Exactly?

A Cubiscan system measures a product’s weight and dimensions by using state-of-the-art sensing technologies. Lasers, infrared, and ultrasonics carefully capture the dimensions of a product to ensure the utilization of spacing options and a reduction in shipping costs.


How Is a Cubiscan System Used?

As an integrated weighing and cubing system, Cubiscan captures an item’s dimensional data and transfers all necessary information to a designated warehouse management system. It then uses the data to store, package, and ship products more efficiently.


Where Is It Used?

What first began as a solution to the U.S Department of Defense shipping issue is now a system widely used in many industries. 


Any business involved in material handling, parcel postage, and the need to store stock in warehouses benefits from using a Cubiscan system. The rise of companies that only have online stores means that the number of warehouses has increased to meet supply and demand levels.


Benefits of a Cubiscan System


1. Increase Shipment Capabilities

A Cubiscan dimensioning and weighing system boasts many benefits, such as greater shipping potential with fewer employees. In fact, firms can halve their staff and still see the same number of shipments going out each week, making this device a good investment for businesses looking to maximize profits while reducing their workforce.


2. Measure With Greater Accuracy

Cubiscan is around 20 percent more accurate than any measurement taken manually, so you can put your tape measure away and let the technology do the work for you while you get to focus on other areas of the business.


3. Become More Efficient

A great way for a firm to enhance efficiency is to streamline its processes. With Cubiscan you can do this with ease because it integrates data seamlessly by working simultaneously with other essential systems like ERP. It will improve communication between different business departments so that your firm can be as productive as it can be.


4. Enhance Your Planning Strategy

Whether you are striving to improve shipping processes or identify apt storage locations, an advanced Cubiscan system will aid you in your day-to-day work-life challenges. Enhanced data collection is paramount for all businesses because you can use this information for better planning and strategic purposes.


If your E-commerce business stores and ships products, Cubiscan technology will help you do business better. Time-consuming manual measurements and storage issues will become a thing of the past. Cubiscan will weigh and measure your products quickly and more accurately while transferring all relevant data to your warehouse management system. These processes will increase efficiency and make your firm a serious contender in today’s competitive market.