Stretch Film Equipment

Automatic Pallet Shrink Wrap Machines

Decrease Labor Costs and Increase Productivity

A stretch film wrapping machine can help your business reduce labor and supply costs, while freeing valuable employees to perform tasks that are more beneficial to your company than wrapping pallet loads with stretch film. Plus, an automatic stretch wrap machine can help prevent the workplace injuries associated with manually stretch wrapping a pallet.

Is a stretch wrap machine expensive? Unlike an automatic pallet shrink wrap machine, stretch wrappers are quite affordable: While the initial cost may seem high, the cost is not excessive when spread over the number of pallets wrapped during the machine’s life. With features that reduce the amount of labor required, the cost of the machine is also lower than the cost of labor used to hand-wrap pallets. In addition, the pre-stretch feature on some machines elongates the film, increasing its yield and significantly reducing film costs.

Types of Semi- and Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines

Semi-Automatic with Low-Profile Turntables

Standard low-profile machines wrap pallets up to 53” x 53” and 82” high. (Larger or taller loads require the installation of factory options.) Semi-automatic, low-profile machines wrap 30 – 50 pallets per hour and are designed for use with forklift and pallet jack loading. Save money on supplies by choosing a pre-stretch option that elongates the film before it’s applied.

Semi-Automatic With High-Profile Turntables

High-profile, octagon-shaped turntables are for forklift loading only. The elevated platform makes floor cleaning easy. These machines wrap palletized packages from 4,000 – 5,000 lbs. Motorized pre-stretch options are available.

Semi-Automatic with low-profile turntables

Fully Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines

These machines feature automatic film clamping, cutting and film tail treatment. Heavy-duty, conveyorized-turntable stretch wrapper requires no operator and wraps 40 – 50 pallets per hour. The rotary stretch wrapper is suitable for light or unstable loads, no operator is required, and it wraps up to 60 pallets per hour.

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