Equipment Service

Packaging Machine Repair and Maintenance

Experienced Packaging Equipment Repair

At GWC Packaging, we don’t believe in selling you a machine and then leaving you on your own. We offer support in the form of new product setup, training, tape machine and stretch wrapper repair, service, and parts — even after the warranty expires.

Packaging Equipment Repair and Service

Emergency Repairs

Give us a call if you need stretch wrapper repair or if any other packaging equipment needs immediate attention. We will schedule an emergency appointment, during which technicians go to your site and repair your tape or stretch wrap machine.

Preventive Maintenance

Planning ahead and addressing maintenance on a systematic basis is the key to avoiding urgent service needs and emergency repairs. Preventive maintenance helps reduce operating costs and extends the life of your equipment while saving money and minimizing unplanned downtime. Let us customize a service schedule that best meets your needs.

Why Choose GWC Packaging?

We are different from other companies. We provide equipment service because we understand that (1) packaging equipment must run reliably and (2) unscheduled downtime cannot be tolerated. Give us a try and learn how we can add value to your business.

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