Commercial Warehouse Tape and Dispensers

High-Quality, Cost-Efficient Products

We have clear and colored tapes and dispensers to meet all your adhesive needs on the packaging line or on the manufacturing floor. In addition to our own Titan tape brand, GWC Packaging is your source for Shurtape®, 3M and Intertape® brands of packaging and shipping tapes.

Types of Carton Sealing Tapes Sold

Water-Based Acrylic Adhesive

Excellent clarity, resists yellowing due to UV radiation, has a virtually unlimited shelf life and is perfect for extreme-temperature applications. Ideal for use as a freezer-grade tape in the food packaging industry.

High-Tack Box Sealing Tape

Durable carton packing tape withstands extreme temperatures, and high-tack adhesive sticks to a wide range of materials. Ideal for very challenging applications such as 100% recycled corrugated boxes and overstuffed cartons.

Hot Melt Tape

Pressure-sensitive, hot-melt tape offers increased tack and shear; consistent-release coating; strong synthetic rubber adhesive; and provides a consistent, secure seal for all light- to heavy-duty applications.

Colored Tape

Increase efficiency by categorizing or labeling your products with colored packing tape. Available in white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange and tan. Bonds well to corrugated boxes and resists yellowing.

Jumbo Roll of Red Tape

Custom Tape

Promote your brand with tape custom-printed with your logo. Choose a surface print for smaller volumes or locked-in print tape for high-volume usage. We also sell tape with generic messages.

Roll of Stop Tape

Tapes are available in varying thicknesses and in sizes to fit your manual or automatic equipment. With so many choices and features available, we are your source for carton tape or any other kind for virtually any application. Whether you’re looking for commercial tape dispensers for light packaging, warehousing, shipping or something else, we have exactly what you need. Get in touch today to learn about what we can do for the retail, manufacturing, e-commerce and other sectors. 

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