Always Try Before You Buy

Test Our Equipment FREE for 7 Days

Not sure what machine best suits your packaging needs? We’re here to help you! GWC Packaging has select equipment that we can deliver to your worksite for a seven-day test — at no cost to you — before you make a purchase decision.

Upon delivery, we provide packaging machine operator training so you get a true picture of what the equipment can do and whether it meets your needs. There are absolutely no fees for requesting a demonstration, whether you ultimately decide to purchase the machine or not.

Before trying our equipment, you will be asked to sign a loan agreement. Please review our machine loan agreement here.

Why Choose GWC Packaging?

Not many packaging supplies and equipment companies offer on-site demonstrations. We do, because we are invested in our customers’ success. Only by testing a machine prior to purchase can you determine if that particular machine is the right one for your packaging operations.

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